Opening day!

It’s opening day at The Entrance Men’s Shed! The new facility looks wonderful in its landscaped setting at The Entrance Community Centre.

The Committee can report the alarms and entry procedures worked well. Andrew from Wyong Shire Council dropped by to take us through the entry and departure checklists.

There’s plenty to setup at the new shed, so if anyone has sturdy benches, outdoor furniture or a jug or an urn we’d love to hear from them. More equipment and amenities are coming for members and volunteers, so in the meantime we will have to make do.

If you are coming to The Shed please BYO chair.

Construction of The Shed (2)

Stage 2 construction of The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre (including The Entrance Men’s Shed) has continued into early 2009.

The following images show construction progress from January 2009 to March 2009. In the images below we can see that The Shed now has white cladding on the upper portion and clearly defined spaces for the windows and main door. It’s becoming clearer how the shed will fit into The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre.

In an historic day for The Shed, Julie Vaughn, Community Development Manager for Wyong Shire Council invited The Entrance Men’s Shed committee to view construction of The Shed in early March 2009.

The Committee was delighted to have this opportunity for “first entry” to The Shed. Chairman Geoff led the contingent of John Sharples, Alan Kember, Col Kennedy, Kim Hopkins and John Roberts through the construction zone. The committee reported that it was good to get a feel for the size and layout of the new facility.

Construction is essentially complete inside, but final construction is waiting on the outside surfacing and building of the main awning. The planned operational date for the Centre is the end of April 2009.

By the end of March 2009 The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre precinct is nearing completion with the finalising of landscaping, pathways and gardens. Since the visit with Wyong Shire Council at the start of this month, the shed now has a driveway, fence and new awning at the front.

As The Shed becomes ready for use, the contractors are using the shed for materials storage during the completion of landscaping, so in a way it is already functioning as a shed, albeit until the official handover.

Construction of The Shed (1)

Stage 2 construction of The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre (including The Entrance Men’s Shed) has begun! This is a very significant moment in the long process of creating a facility to support men in the local community.

The following images show construction progress from September 2008 to December 2008. In the first image below we can see the profiles in place to ensure The Shed is correctly located and sized.

In the next stages of construction a retaining wall has been built to support the slab for The Shed.

Here we can see the start of the bricks and mortar construction of the building.

Here’s a rear view of The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre, clearly showing the foundations and masonry underpinnings of The Shed.

After site preparation, the builders are ready to pour a suspended cement slab to form the floor of The Shed.

By December 2008, the steel framing components of The Shed have been delivered to site and erection can begin once the suspended slab has cured.

In the following image we are looking north across the forecourt of The Entrance Men’s Shed to the car parking. Work continues to prepare the parking area and access, while the shed is being erected.

This access door at the rear of the shed will provide much needed access to underfloor storage.

In the following images The Shed appears to be rising from the apparent chaos of a large building site. Here the crew from Tri-Steel are busily constructing the framing of The Shed, now that the slab has cured.

By mid-December 2008 the support beams are in place and The Shed is ready for roofing. In the images below we can also see the deck of the proposed Art Gallery and Coffee Shop taking shape.

Late afternoon (when building activity has stopped) is a good time to safely take photos of The Shed construction process. Here’s your correspondent on site in mid-December 2008.

The Entrance Men’s Shed is now clearly visible from The Central Coast Highway (with temporary fencing in place).

The image below from the rear of the site shows the foundation and structure. The men from Tri-Steel were hard at work erecting the shed for us when this photo was taken.

The Entrance Men’s Shed as seen from Central Coast Highway, between the existing buildings. The deck on the exhibition space and cafe will provide a great vantage point to view the shed against the backdrop of trees and the lake.

In the image below we can see the shed from Norberta Ave. The newly installed cladding is visible, making the building envelope of The Shed clear.

With the The Entrance Men’s Shed now clad, it forms a stronger visual western end of the plaza of The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre (TENC).

The images below shows the view looking out from the verandah of the existing buildings along the eastern perimeter of the TENC and from the northern driveway into TENC.

And to complement the view above, the images below show The Shed from Battley Ave looking south into the site. The newer materials and darker colours of The Shed cladding gives it a stronger visual presence on the site.

By late December 2008 the exterior and interior of The Shed is clearly visible, giving an idea of its future form and function.

The Entrance Men’s Shed Steering Committee

The Entrance Men’s Shed Inc is an incorporated Not For Profit organisation. The mission of The Entrance Men’s Shed Inc is to secure premises and funding to allow a Men’s Shed to operate in The Entrance area.

The Entrance Men’s Shed Inc has established a Steering Committee drawn from community members and volunteers that care passionately about the success of the shed.

The Steering Committee members are:

Chairperson: Kevin Armstrong
Treasurer: Geoff Dunn
Secretary: Kim Hopkins
Member: John Sharples
Member: Colin Kennedy

Kincumber Men’s Shed Opening

Here are some images from the recent official opening (11th August 2008) of Kincumber Men’s Shed.

In the left image, from the left are Chris Hartcher (Member for Terrigal), Pastor Frank (Kincumber Uniting Church), Kevin Armstrong (Chairperson, The Entrance Men’s Shed), and Geoff Dunn (Treasurer, The Entrance Men’s Shed). In the right image are Peter Jessop (Kincumber Men’s Shed) and Kevin Armstrong (Chairperson, The Entrance Men’s Shed).

Work begins on The Shed

Wyong Shire Council has recently commenced work on Stage 2 of The Entrance Neighbourhood Center, including The Entrance Men’s Shed. To celebrate this milestone Council invited community groups that will use the Center to a morning tea.

Community members reported to Council they were concerned at the removal of mature trees during the previous building works, and asked if more consideration could be given to retaining trees that are not clearly obstructing development.

The Entrance Men’s Shed Steering Committee is delighted to see work commence on The Shed, but members estimate that the shed will not be operational before second quarter of 2009 as the development plan calls for an electricity substation, roadworks and landscaping.

The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre

The artist’s impression below shows The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre proposed development including Stage 2 and Stage 3. The proposed Entrance Men’s Shed is included in the Stage 2 and 3 development.

In the image below, The Shed is located on the right of the photo, a two tone shed in green and white at ground level. The awning is also shown in the illustration.

The Shed is adjacent to the the car park and faces in towards the main square of the Neighbourhood Centre.

Men’s Shed Conference 2007

The second National Men’s Shed Conference was held recently over three days at Manly (Sydney). The conference was well-attended, including attendance by three sheds on the Central Coast of NSW.

Wally Morrison and Peter Jessop from The Kincumber Men’s Shed enjoyed lectures and workshops on relevant topics for their Shed. John Sharples, Kevin Armstrong and Geoff Dunn from “shedless” The Entrance Mens Shed, took the opportunity to learn all they could about establishing a shed.

Kim Hopkins, who is associated with both sheds also attended events that were relevant to the emerging shed at San Remo.