GOAT festival

The Entrance Men’s Shed has recently attended the G.O.A.T. festival held at the Koala Park, Lake Munmorah Power Station. Many visitors came by the Mobile Men’s Shed (provided by the Central Coast Shed Cluster).

Visitors asked about sheds, including opening times and what happens at a shed. With over sixty enquiries on the day it was a successful outing for the Mobile Shed. Visitors also asked about the San Remo Community Men’s Shed as well as sheds in Gosford, The Entrance and the Peninsula.

Thanks go to Shed member Bob for towing the trailer to the site early in the morning and to Shed members for the items on display at the site.

Wideline Windows materials

In an ongoing initiative our local council–Wyong Shire Council–are looking to reduce waste and increase recycling rates within Wyong Shire.

The Environmental Education group within Council learned that Wideline Windows were keen to reduce their cost of recycling and make a contribution to the local community.

They recently invited the Men’s Sheds of Wyong Shire to view the recyclable materials they have available and to collect them at their site. There are wide variety of materials available that we think local sheds will find a use for as they become available.

Shed opening days in April 2010

With the Easter and ANZAC Day holidays coming up, Shed members have elected to open for extra Wednesdays in April.

With that change in place, opening days for April 2010 are:

Mondays: 5th closed, 12th open, 19th open, 26th closed.

Wednesdays: 31st March open, 7th open, 14th closed, 21st closed, 28th closed.

Fridays: 2nd closed, 9th open, 16th open, 23rd open.

Bridging the digital divide

Shed member Ernie–our most recent member–has been enjoying “The Blog Book” today. He has found it a useful way to learn about The Entrance Men’s Shed through the stories and photos of its development.

The Blog Book has all of the blog entries up to 2010 filed in reverse chronological order. This allows shed members to peruse the stories and photos even if they do not have online access to the blog.

Upcoming events March 2010

Just a reminder to shed members of upcoming events for March and April 2010. Please add these to your calendars if appropriate:

10th March: Advance Care Planning Seminar, Diggers The Entrance, 10:30am.

19th March: Multicultural Day, The Entrance Community Centre, 3pm to 7pm.

23rd March, Seniors Week Open Day, Bateau Bay Men’s Shed, 11am to 2pm.

12th April: Monthly Social BBQ, The Entrance Men’s Shed, 12pm.

12th April: Shed Committee Meeting, The Entrance Men’s Shed, 2pm.

Bathroom furniture

The Shed toilet is sporting some smart new furniture. The toilet paper holder was assembled from pieces donated to The Shed when the Long Jetty Hospital closed its workshop. Well done guys assembling this attractive item and staining it to a professional finish.

There always a need for storage at The Entrance Men’s Shed and the shelf shown below has added some much needed space to organize the cleaning products in the one area.

Some of our stackable chairs have migrated their way into the shower area. We don’t often use the shower at The Shed and it’s a convenient place for the chairs that’s not in the workshop area.

Biscuits beyond morning tea

Shed members Chris and Peter have been keen to try out the new shed Biscuit Jointer. Fortunately, new shed member Frank was looking to finish up his picture frame, giving Chris and Peter the opportunity to test out the new machine.

After a little adjustment the settings were dialed in and a dust bag attached to keep the shavings from everyone’s hair. Well done guys getting a new tool working and helping a new member at the same time. Who said men can’t multitask?

Boost to Tasmanian men’s sheds

Media Statement

4 March 2010

Michael Polley
Labor Member for Lyons

Men’s Shed Boost

The Labor Member for Lyons, Michael Polley today announced that Labor would commit $130,000 ($5,000 each) for 26 Men’s Sheds across Tasmania.

Mr Polley announced the Labor commitment at Pete’s Community Workshed in Bridgewater, which has been in operation for 10 years.

“Pete’s Community Workshed is an excellent example of the wonderful services that these community Men’s Shed provide all over Tasmania,” Mr Polley said.

“This is about getting our priorities right and not spending billions of dollars on a Midland Highway before our health and community services are looked after.

“Usually located in socio-economically disadvantaged and rural areas, Men’s Sheds provide valuable health and well-being advice to mainly men but not exclusively so.

“Men’s Sheds provide largely informal programs and opportunities to develop intergenerational relationships.

“The Shed’s common commitment is to the health and well being of men experiencing some degree of social exclusion.

“They also offer informal opportunities for mentoring and enhancing men’s health and well being by improving access to information.

“Pete’s Community Workshed is an outstanding community resource which has increased the trust respect and mutual cooperation of the community it has been supporting for these 10 years.

“The Shed’s provide opportunities for the unemployed to learn or enhance practical life skills, bettering their chances of employment and improving their self esteem.

“It is only under a Labor Government that all Tasmanian’s will be looked after and supported.

Contact: Sam Adams: 6233 3858

Authorised by J. Dowling for the ALP Level 2, 63 Salamanca Pl, Hobart

Sam Adams

Media Coordinator
Government Communications Office
Office of the Hon David Bartlett MP
Premier of Tasmania
p (03) 6270 5511
f (03) 6233 6298
m 0488 604 099
e sam.adams@dpac.tas.gov.au

Ballarat Men’s Shed

On a recent trip down south Shed member Terry visited the Ballarat East Community Shed.

Terry reported back to members on the generous hospitality of the Victorian Shedders, his awe at the space the shed encompasses and the variety and scale of the projects being undertaken.

Ballarat members have built racing cars and large scale models–among other impressive projects.

Perfect Pete

Visitor to the shed Pete has been working with shed member Peter to make the wooden box shown below. The box will store Pete’s pens and pencils, with a divider to keep them separate.

The slotted sliding top was a particular challenge as the shed router was out of operation–but Pete and Peter rose to the challenge. If you look closely at the writing that Pete inscribed on the top, it says “Perfect Pete”. Good job Pete and Peter.

Samaritans visits and BBQ

The Entrance Men’s Shed has been paying host to a group of men from The Samaritans organisation. Each visitor has been working on an individual project, including designing the project and purchasing the materials from Bunnings.

With the assistance of Shed members these individual projects are nearing completion. The projects include: a bird cage, a watch box, a wooden box with lid, a CD rack, a chopping board and a pen and pencil box.

The Samaritans group also kindly put on a BBQ for shed members to say thank you for the assistance with their projects. The BBQ was enjoyed by all and we hosted visitors from as far as San Remo on the Central Coast and Tamworth in regional NSW.

Sofa deconstruction time

During the Official Opening of The Entrance Men’s Shed, the well-loved sofa was relegated to the rear of the shed building.

Sitting out there it was overlooked for some time and weather affected. When shed members Chris and Alby learned about the sofa they undertook a session of sofa deconstruction. The sofa was deconstructed in no time and the parts taken for recycling.

Community Centre door wedges

Doors at The Entrance Community Centre have a habit of slamming shut in a strong wind. Shed member Andrew decided door wedges were in order and shed member Bob sprang into action, creating a dozen wooden wedges for the errant doors.

Bob says when the shed is a little more developed we will produce something a little more refined, but for now they’re functional and quickly done.

A place for everything…

A well organized shed is a safer and happier place for shed members.

With this in mind a group of shed members have been constructing back-wall storage for timber boards. This timber is now safely off the floor and easily accessible. Thanks to shed members who worked on this, especially Andrew and Ian.

Inspired by this storage system, shed member Chris has been hard at work setting up tool storage on the back wall in a pleasing symmetrical arrangement. To complement both projects, other shed members have been building shelves in the lathe area, to be known from now an as “Woodturner’s Haven”.