Dave’s folding table

Shed member Dave has come up with a innovative design for a small folding caravan table. Dave has developed several iterations of the table, improving the design along the way.

In the image below Dave is demonstrating the table in the deployed state. Shortly after the photo was taken, Dave installed the table in the caravan and is keen to test in on the road.

Chris’ recycled chopping board

Shed member Chris was so impressed with the chopping boards being constructed at the shed that he decided to recycle some timber he found by the side of the road, and make one himself.

Chris trimmed the edges, made the surfaces regular and square and glued the timber pieces together. He finally sanded the surfaces, routed fancy edges and finished the board with timber oil. Chris reports it will make an artistic addition to his kitchen.

Wood lathe donation

Community member Beau Graham found he was unable to go on using his beloved wood lathe and has kindly donated it to The Entrance Men’s Shed. The lathe is in good condition and Beau has also also donated wood turning tools and blanks that are much needed additions to the shed wood turning setup.

Community donations like these enable the Shed to increase the range of projects we can undertake and better support our local community.

Beau–you are always welcome at the Shed for a cuppa and a chat.

Donation by Pluims Interiors

During the recent “Let’s Nail Depression” initiative local business Pluims Interiors generously donated a stack of boards to Central Coast Men’s Sheds. Dave Betts of “Let’s Nail Depression” coordinated the delivery and arranged for his son to deliver some of this large donation.

The delivery truck arrived spot on time at Bateau Bay Men’s Shed where it was unloaded the shed members there. A team from The Entrance Men’s Shed hired a large trailer and accepted some of the 3-meter sheets. This team also traveled to Pluims Interiors facility to collect additional boards and deliver it to the Shed.

The donation is large enough for Dave Betts to also make a delivery to The Hastings Men’s Shed in Port Macquarie.

A big thanks from Central Coast Men’s Sheds to Pluims Interiors for this generous donation.

First shed day for 2010

The Entrance Men’s Shed welcomed members back today after the Christmas break.

Following a relaxed morning tea and lots of Holiday yarns, shed members were back hard at work. Members commenced new projects, planned future projects or resurrected them from the remains of last years projects.

There is much to look forward to at The Shed for 2010, with new equipment, new committee members and two new Shed members signed up already.

A Mayoral donation

The shed has not yet started operations for 2010, but we have already received some generous donations.

The Mayor of Wyong Shire Council–Bob Graham–was cleaning up over the Christmas break and decided to donate his father’s toolbox to The Entrance Men’s Shed. Items like these have a sentimental value to the donor, but they are often still usable tools in a workshop environment.

So a big “thanks” to the Mayor from the Entrance Men’s Shed. In addition the Shed has also received over the Christmas break an air-hose reel, tins of paint and some nice laminated boards. A big thanks to Alan’s Home Services (0404 132 600) for these items.

Central Coast Men’s Sheds

For future reference here’s a list of Central Coast Men’s Sheds, as of The 1st of January 2010.

Kincumber Men’s Shed
Contact: Peter Jessop – 0412 223 363
Email: kincumbermensshed@hotmail.com

San Remo Community Men’s Shed
Contact: San Remo Neighbourhood Centre – 4390 7888
Email: sanremoshed@gmail.com

The Entrance Men’s Shed
Contact: Kim Hopkins – 4309 0093
Email: temensshed@gmail.com

Terrigal Men’s Shed
Contact: Bob Watson – 4381 1995
Email: suenbob6@bigpond.com

Peninsula Men’s Shed Ettalong
Contact: Peter Lemay – 4343 1237
Email: ebc@ettalongbaptistchurch.org.au

Gosford Men’s Shed
Contact: John Welland – 0466 266 083
Email: gosfordshed@gmail.com

Bateau Bay Men’s Shed
Contact: John Sharples – 0423 147 236
Email: bateaubayshed@gmail.com

And for general inquiries:
Central Coast Men’s Sheds Cluster Coordinator
Contact: Kim Hopkins 0414 855 943
Email: kincumbermensshed@hotmail.com

Men’s Shed Conference 2007

The second National Men’s Shed Conference was held recently over three days at Manly (Sydney). The conference was well-attended, including attendance by three sheds on the Central Coast of NSW.

Wally Morrison and Peter Jessop from The Kincumber Men’s Shed enjoyed lectures and workshops on relevant topics for their Shed. John Sharples, Kevin Armstrong and Geoff Dunn from “shedless” The Entrance Mens Shed, took the opportunity to learn all they could about establishing a shed.

Kim Hopkins, who is associated with both sheds also attended events that were relevant to the emerging shed at San Remo.