Trip to the ACT

On the 30th October shed member Bob travelled to Canberra to the “Blokes Big BBQ” on the front lawns of Parliament House.

The BBQ was very well attended with John Sharples and Bob representing the Central Coast. There were also sheds represented from far and wide–including one man from Freemantle (WA), a large group from Mt Gravatt (Qld), and groups from Shepparton (Vic) and many parts of NSW.

The BBQ was supplied by Masters the hardware chain.

While in the ACT Bob received an invitation to attend the Vietnam Veterans Federation Shed in Page (ACT) and the Yass Valley Men’s Shed (NSW). Bob Attended Page on the Tuesday afternoon where he was warmly welcomed and shown around, including a cuppa with the President.

Here’s some memories of the ACT visit.

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