Bunnings BBQ

Members from The Entrance Men’s Shed were out early this morning setting up for a fundraiser BBQ at Bunnings Tuggerah.

Running one of these stalls is a big effort and the team were ably lead by shed member Rob. Rob guided the team in making over 400 sausage sandwiches as well as ensuring that we had ice, eskys, meat, bread, butter and sauce and all the other items suggested in the comprehensive instructions from Bunnings. Many thanks to Rob for his effort leading this project.

Shed member Peter did an excellent job ensuring that our finances were in order for the day, and he also ensured money was handled effectively on the day and an accurate tally was ready at the end of the session.

Many thanks to all those that cooked and cleaned, handed out drinks, kept the meat cold and the cooked hot food. We had many reports after the day about the professional way the team served customers and the quality of the sausage sandwiches provided. Thanks also goes to Elise from Bunnings who was on hand early in the morning and late in the afternoon to support and guide the team.

Many thanks to Bunnings Tuggerah for this opportunity. The comprehensive instructions, reassurance in the planning and professional support on the day were invaluable to The Entrance Men’s Shed for this important fundraising activity.

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