Samaritans visits and BBQ

The Entrance Men’s Shed has been paying host to a group of men from The Samaritans organisation. Each visitor has been working on an individual project, including designing the project and purchasing the materials from Bunnings. With the assistance of Shed members these individual projects are nearing completion. The projects include: a bird cage, aContinue reading “Samaritans visits and BBQ”

Sofa deconstruction time

During the Official Opening of The Entrance Men’s Shed, the well-loved sofa was relegated to the rear of the shed building. Sitting out there it was overlooked for some time and weather affected. When shed members Chris and Alby learned about the sofa they undertook a session of sofa deconstruction. The sofa was deconstructed inContinue reading “Sofa deconstruction time”

Mother’s Day stall

Shown below are the items shed member Rob has been preparing for The Entrance Public School to sell at their upcoming Mother’s Day stall. This project is a good example of the work The Entrance Men’s Shed does to support the local community. Shed members have enjoyed working on a stream of orders for localContinue reading “Mother’s Day stall”

Community Centre door wedges

Doors at The Entrance Community Centre have a habit of slamming shut in a strong wind. Shed member Andrew decided door wedges were in order and shed member Bob sprang into action, creating a dozen wooden wedges for the errant doors. Bob says when the shed is a little more developed we will produce somethingContinue reading “Community Centre door wedges”

A place for everything…

A well organized shed is a safer and happier place for shed members. With this in mind a group of shed members have been constructing back-wall storage for timber boards. This timber is now safely off the floor and easily accessible. Thanks to shed members who worked on this, especially Andrew and Ian. Inspired byContinue reading “A place for everything…”

Dave’s folding table

Shed member Dave has come up with a innovative design for a small folding caravan table. Dave has developed several iterations of the table, improving the design along the way. In the image below Dave is demonstrating the table in the deployed state. Shortly after the photo was taken, Dave installed the table in theContinue reading “Dave’s folding table”

Chris’ recycled chopping board

Shed member Chris was so impressed with the chopping boards being constructed at the shed that he decided to recycle some timber he found by the side of the road, and make one himself. Chris trimmed the edges, made the surfaces regular and square and glued the timber pieces together. He finally sanded the surfaces,Continue reading “Chris’ recycled chopping board”

Donation by Pluims Interiors

During the recent “Let’s Nail Depression” initiative local business Pluims Interiors generously donated a stack of boards to Central Coast Men’s Sheds. Dave Betts of “Let’s Nail Depression” coordinated the delivery and arranged for his son to deliver some of this large donation. The delivery truck arrived spot on time at Bateau Bay Men’s ShedContinue reading “Donation by Pluims Interiors”