Outdoor tables and benches for Council

Members of The Entrance Men’s Shed have been busy over the last few weeks , building portable outdoor dining tables (12) and seating benches (26) for Central Coast Council.

Council is planning to use the tables and benches in outdoor community dining settings around the Central Coast. For this use it was important that both tables and benches were designed to fold flat for storage and transport, and be easily secured together.

This has a been a big job with many Shed members pitching in to help at various times, and every spare bench and flat surface pressed into service for building the sub-assemblies. In the images below the table and bench parts and sub-assemblies are being built and prepared for finishing.

In these images below the tables and benches are being given a color finish or a clear outdoor spray coating.

Finally, the finished tables and benches are carefully arranged, stacked and prepared for transport by Council. Thanks to all Shed members for their contributions to this big but fascinating and worthwhile project!

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