Donation by Pluims Interiors

During the recent “Let’s Nail Depression” initiative local business Pluims Interiors generously donated a stack of boards to Central Coast Men’s Sheds. Dave Betts of “Let’s Nail Depression” coordinated the delivery and arranged for his son to deliver some of this large donation.

The delivery truck arrived spot on time at Bateau Bay Men’s Shed where it was unloaded the shed members there. A team from The Entrance Men’s Shed hired a large trailer and accepted some of the 3-meter sheets. This team also traveled to Pluims Interiors facility to collect additional boards and deliver it to the Shed.

The donation is large enough for Dave Betts to also make a delivery to The Hastings Men’s Shed in Port Macquarie.

A big thanks from Central Coast Men’s Sheds to Pluims Interiors for this generous donation.

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