Construction of The Shed (2)

Stage 2 construction of The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre (including The Entrance Men’s Shed) has continued into early 2009.

The following images show construction progress from January 2009 to March 2009. In the images below we can see that The Shed now has white cladding on the upper portion and clearly defined spaces for the windows and main door. It’s becoming clearer how the shed will fit into The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre.

In an historic day for The Shed, Julie Vaughn, Community Development Manager for Wyong Shire Council invited The Entrance Men’s Shed committee to view construction of The Shed in early March 2009.

The Committee was delighted to have this opportunity for “first entry” to The Shed. Chairman Geoff led the contingent of John Sharples, Alan Kember, Col Kennedy, Kim Hopkins and John Roberts through the construction zone. The committee reported that it was good to get a feel for the size and layout of the new facility.

Construction is essentially complete inside, but final construction is waiting on the outside surfacing and building of the main awning. The planned operational date for the Centre is the end of April 2009.

By the end of March 2009 The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre precinct is nearing completion with the finalising of landscaping, pathways and gardens. Since the visit with Wyong Shire Council at the start of this month, the shed now has a driveway, fence and new awning at the front.

As The Shed becomes ready for use, the contractors are using the shed for materials storage during the completion of landscaping, so in a way it is already functioning as a shed, albeit until the official handover.

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