Bike recycling at Alison Homestead Men’s Shed

The organisers of the Rebikes101 organization at Alison Homestead Men’s Shed would like to remind everyone that if you have a bicycle you’d like to donate, it can be reconditioned and enjoy a new life in the community via charities, schools, clubs and other organisations. Drop-off point is at the entrance to Alison Homestead, oppositeContinue reading “Bike recycling at Alison Homestead Men’s Shed”

Large chairs for Central Coast Council

In 2019 Central Coast Council approached The Entrance Men’s Shed to construct two larger-than-life “big chairs” to be installed on Council land, under this program: . Later in 2020 shed members constructed a further three big chairs and all five have now been installed on local beaches and foreshores. All the chairs have beenContinue reading “Large chairs for Central Coast Council”

A view on the Mediterranean

The President of the Towoon Bay SLSC recently approached the Men’s Shed to construct a window artwork showing a Greek Mediterranean scene. Phil was taken with the beauty of the region while visiting and wanted a reminder of that experience here on the Central Coast. In December 2020 shed members designed and constructed a windowContinue reading “A view on the Mediterranean”

Rocking horse passed down through the generations

The Entrance Men’s Shed members recently completed refurbishment of a vintage rocking horse for a local family. The rocking horse was originally owned and used by the family Grandmother, who passed it onto her daughter. After approaching the men’s shed to refurbish the horse her daughter (now a mother herself) has passed it onto herContinue reading “Rocking horse passed down through the generations”

Garden benches restoration

Shed members recently completed the full restoration of two iron and timber garden benches. The metal brackets were stripped back to bare metal and given new coast of paint. The timber slats were replaced with new outdoor-grade slats and the benches now look very stylish. Both benches should now provide years of support in theContinue reading “Garden benches restoration”